The Withings Scale is Great for Tracking Your Weight

I heard about the Withings scale a few years ago, when Scott Jangro of spoke about it in a presentation (How to Create a Content Creation Habit), and I’ve been using it ever since.

As the name sort of suggests, it connects to Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) to upload a record of weight and BMI, and then you can monitor your weight trends over time.

Their Health Mate iOS app and site enable you to see your historical data and set goals, and you can have multiple users all tracked separately. And sometimes a rogue weight ends up on the scale and Withings doesn’t know who to assign it to.

This was happening for a while at my house every week or so. I finally realized that the cleaning lady was checking in on her weight. I bet she never imagined that I was on to her.

I have one of the older models, the Withings Wireless Scale WS-30, and the new one includes additional features, such as body fat measurement and heart rate measurement (through your feet?), as well as continuous indoor air quality tracking (I guess that’s cool).

Withings also sells a line of watches that track activity, similar to the Fitbit wearable. I used one for a while for steps, sleep, etc., but stopped, because I don’t really like wearing a watch. Neat concept, though, and freaky to see sleep patterns.

I am surprised that the scale has lasted three years, and if/when it stops working, I’m planning to get the newer version.

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