I Went in the Wrong Direction This Week

Weight loss inevitably has it’s peaks and valleys, yet I was really hoping that I’d have many weeks of valleys before I hit any peaks.

But I managed to add a pound this week, and I can’t say it’s entirely surprising, because I’m at the South by Southwest conference and eating many meals out.

They have been healthy, for the most part, but still with sauces and dressings with unknown calories and carbs, there could always be some traps.

And then there are the occasional french fries or cocktails, though both have been in moderation.

Plus, I have been getting in exercise on a steady basis.

Cold, wet, and windy, but not a rest day.

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I have not been drinking much water each day, so I’ll be more focused on that and my food choices over the next week.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 220

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