Untie Your Shoes Before You Take Them Off

I am towards the end of the life of a pair of my Brooks Adrenaline shoes, and I don’t take care of them the way I did when they were new.

Usually, after a run or walk, I’ll push off each shoe with my other foot, instead of untying the laces and taking them off properly.

Over time, the pressure from pushing on the heel to slide them off has resulted in the back of the right shoe pushing into my foot a bit.

The other day, as I was running, it was pretty uncomfortable, because of this, but I kept going, because I didn’t want to give up over some pain.

When I took off my right shoe, my sock was all wet. I figured it was sweat, but nope. After I took off the sock, my foot was bloody and the sock was trashed.

The cleaning lady for my hotel room might have been curious about the crime scene sock in the trash, but I tipped well and she didn’t escalate things.

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