Spring Break is My Excuse This Time

So, another week and another non-loss. This time a one pound gain. But I was on spring break – that should count for something, right?

I was exercising most every day, either a walk or 30 minutes of running, but that was not enough to counteract some bad meals and great beers.

There were lots of good meals, but those bad ones seem to win the calorie war. And maybe craft beers with a salad are not a net positive.

Steak salad – pretty tasty

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Yesterday, I ran the longest I have run this year, and I will continue to build on it.

Damn, all of that to work off a few light beers?! #fatblogger

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Back to the drawing board (again) for a week on the road, and it’s San Diego (and their awesome breweries!).

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 220

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