One Bad Day Blows the Week

So much for the whole cheat day thing – I was disciplined for 6 days, and then one day of some drinking and bad food messed it all up.

I went on a one day work trip and planned to eat and drink well, but that pretty much broke apart shortly after arriving.

You see, I went to Philadelphia and was hungry at lunch, so I went with a cheesesteak. I made an attempt at being responsible by having it as a wrap (wheat even), instead of a roll. But then a side order of fries, too.

Things were going well after that – there were so many Philly themed treats that I love at this event, such as soft pretzels, and Tastykakes. I stayed away.

I love Philly pretzels – do not eat. Do not eat!

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After they wrapped up, there was a keg of Yuengling, and I had a cup. Then a happy hour and some calorie rich IPAs, followed by a late IHOP dinner.

The next day I was back to doing things right, but overall I stayed the same weight as the previous week. While that’s not the worst thing, it was a step back, because I was two pounds lighter before the trip.

Next week, I am in San Francisco. That should be a tricky food challenge. I’ll start it off by bringing a bunch of Atkin’s breakfast bars and some nuts to snack on.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 219

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