I Love the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 15 Running Shoe

I used to buy the running shoes that looked the coolest to me, and I didn’t really look into much else.

This was a problem, because I’ve got wide feet, and most running shoes don’t have extra wide sizes. So, I’d forsake comfort for fashion.

That was pretty stupid.

But one day I was noticing that my shoes were only wearing in certain areas and other parts were virtually untouched. I went to a local running store, and they put me on a treadmill to run a bit to do a gait analysis on me.

They determined that I was an overpronator. Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run to help the lower leg deal with shock. But overpronation is when the foot rolls in excessively, or at a time when it should not, and this was causing the uneven wear on my shoes and body.

After the store determined this, they suggested the Brooks Adrenaline running shoe. Not only did they come in wider sizes, but that particular shoe would balance me better as my feet strike the ground.

I was skeptical, but I bought a pair and started using them. And they worked. I started seeing even wear on my shoes and my body felt better.

Since then, I’ve always gotten the Brooks Adrenaline, and I keep two pairs now: indoor on treadmills and outdoor shoes. As the outdoor running shoes wear out, I shift the indoor shoes outside and get some new indoor ones.

Looks like I am due soon for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s.

If you’ve been buying your running shoes by looks, instead of utility, head over to your local running store to get their advice. They don’t charge extra, and it could make things easier on your feet, knees, hips, etc.

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