I Got the Withings Activité Pop Watch

I just got the Withings Activité Pop – it’s an activity and sleep tracking watch, so I can keep an eye on my number of steps each day, as I aim to move 10,000 steps daily.

I already use the Withings scale and have the app on my phone, so I liked staying within the brand here.

The watch looks like a regular watch with an hour and minute hand, and then there is a second dial that shows the daily step progress.

I like the Withings Activité Pop watch so far for counting steps.

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I considered the Apple Watch, but I just want this for the exercise tracking, and don’t really have a need for texts and things coming through my watch. I tried that in the past with a Pebble Watch and didn’t like it.

In addition to the steps being tracked, the Activité Pop Watch tracks sleep, but it’s been inconsistent so far. It seemed to work the first night, but then said I was up for good at like 4am the second night, and that wasn’t the case.

There are three levels of the Activité watches, and the Pop is the lower of the three and the more sporty of them. The other two are more dressy – the Steel and the Sapphire.

So far, I am digging it.

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