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Trying Out the Atkin’s Diet

I love carbs, and I love them a lot. Breads, pastas, cookies, pretzels, IPAs – they are all great, and they are all adding up like crazy on me.

So, I am going with the Atkin’s Diet for now to change up my eating habits and get this weight loss going.

This isn’t the first time I have tried Atkin’s. Back in the end of 2002, I hit an all time high of 242, and I went strict on the Atkin’s Diet in 2003 to lose weight.

It was effective back then for a loss of about 50 pounds by the end of the year. I loved the changes I was seeing, and I stuck with low carb for a while, but over time I settled in to around 210 pounds. It was 20 up from my Atkin’s low, but still 30 down from my all time high.

Now that I am pressing on that all time high again, I want to see if I can duplicate those results.

It’s tough to live on bars and shakes and salads, but I do love the eggs and bacon and steaks and chicken and vegetables.

Plus, in the years since I was steadily doing Atkin’s, they’ve added a large line of frozen meals, which makes it easier to have a variety of quick lunches and dinners. They do have breakfasts, too, but they are easy enough to make fresh each morning.

Food carbs are a challenge to drop, but I love beer, too, especially the calorie rich IPAs. Those will be gone for now, and after I get the weight loss going, I will gradually bring some back in moderation.

Time to make some eggs and bacon.