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Back in the Saddle with a Loss of 3 Pounds

I had a couple weeks of gains, and then I got my act together this past week, and trimmed off three pounds since the last weigh in for a cumulative loss of 14 pounds so far.

The last seven days were a combination of lots of meat (sometimes too much meat) and vegetables, as well as steady exercise.

Chomping down on some barbecue

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While I was happy about the loss of weight, I hated seeing my Maryland Terps lose to Kansas in the Sweet 16. I did have a tasty cheat that night, and it was totally worth it.

After all, I am trying to work out a lifestyle here, and that will include indulging every once in a while.

Some cheat treats for the Maryland Sweet 16 game

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Last year, I did the Rugged Maniac (that’s what the picture is from at the top), and I just signed up to do it again this coming July.

It’s sort of a kinder, gentler version of a Tough Mudder (which I also did last year). It’s a 5k with around 20 obstacles.

I need to search around for some other races to participate in. I’d like to have at least one a month, whether it be a fun run, 10k, or whatever.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 219

No Good Way to Spin My Gain of a Kilo

I figured it would be a challenge to keep my weight in check during the South by Southwest conference, and I was right, unfortunately.

After the first couple days of the event, I’d gained a pound for my weigh in last week, and then another two pounds today. Or as I prefer to characterize it, one more kilogram (roughly 2.2 pounds).

While I was exercising regularly with runs and a hike, there were a bunch of beers, including one with a big scoop of ice cream.

Post- run rock flowers

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A bunch of us went out on a boat… then beers after.

The SXSW exhibit hall had some business opportunities in between booths handing out beers.

Stella Artois in the #sxsw exhibit hall

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Also, I went to see The Brothers Grimsby at an Alamo Drafthouse, and scarfed down a big pretzel and a couple beers.

On St. Patrick’s Day, I had more beers and some bad restaurant corned beef and cabbage.

Well hell, I am sort of surprised it was only two pounds.

A couple weeks of badness. Time to drink water, instead of beers, and skip the junk for a while.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 222

I Went in the Wrong Direction This Week

Weight loss inevitably has it’s peaks and valleys, yet I was really hoping that I’d have many weeks of valleys before I hit any peaks.

But I managed to add a pound this week, and I can’t say it’s entirely surprising, because I’m at the South by Southwest conference and eating many meals out.

They have been healthy, for the most part, but still with sauces and dressings with unknown calories and carbs, there could always be some traps.

And then there are the occasional french fries or cocktails, though both have been in moderation.

Plus, I have been getting in exercise on a steady basis.

Cold, wet, and windy, but not a rest day.

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I have not been drinking much water each day, so I’ll be more focused on that and my food choices over the next week.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 220

Atkins Diet Week Three: Slow and Steady

The third week of the Atkins Diet was mostly at home – just one short roadtrip to go see the University of Maryland men’s basketball beat Illinois in their final home game of the season.

I managed to stay low carb on the trip by eating meats and salads. On the way there, I got a salad with chicken at a Burger King, and while it was pretty low carb (I only used a third of the dressing), it was nasty tasting.

A bowl of wilted lettuce and some sort of chicken pieces.

Roadtrip salad

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On the way back, there were a lot of options at the Maryland House rest area, but I was hungry and wanted something quick, so I could get back on the road. Some Boar’s Head cold cuts did the job.

Some meats and cheeses at the Maryland House while roadtrippin'

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Overall, I lost three pounds for the week, and now I am down 14 since I started. I will be at the SXSW conference over the next couple weeks, so that will be lots of restaurant meals and nights out, so I will need to plan and be disciplined, so I don’t blow this all up.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 219

Atkins Diet Week Two is Less But More

I spent week two of the Atkins Diet on the road with a trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL for work. Hotel life for a few days.

That presented a couple of roadblocks for me: there were challenges with eating as healthy as I would at home, and I ended up with three days of no exercise.

Even with the disrupted week, I managed to drop three more pounds, though I had anticipated it would be a bigger loss.

Then again, it was not a complete surprise, because I had some bourbon, which does not have carbs, but it still slows down weight loss.

No carbs = no beer. So a Jim Beam and Diet Coke it is. #atkins

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Also, while I think I ate healthy, sometimes there could be hidden carbs in restaurant food.

Either way, I am home for the next week, so I can exercise on a regular schedule and eat homemade meals.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 222

Week One of Transitioning to Low Carb

I was traveling for half of the first week that I decided to go on the Atkins Diet, and that was a challenge.

But I stayed pretty strict throughout the week, and was happy to see the results on the scale this morning – a week one loss of 8 pounds.

I combined the Atkins Diet with exercise, which I am tracking on DailyMile. While I was away, I went hiking and did a couple of days of a Couch to 5k training app.

In the past, I’ve run plenty of 5k’s and a couple of 10k’s, but with the recent weight gain, it was a whole lot more challenging when I went out to run. So, I figured I’d start from scratch and rebuild my stamina.

This week I plan to make more meals from scratch, because I relied heavily on the bars and frozen meals from Atkins on week one. I went out to restaurants two times, and while there were some vegetable carbs, there was not any bread or alcohol.

I had an Ensalada Tacodeli with Sirloin one day at lunch. It consisted of a bed of romaine lettuce topped with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, onion, tomato, and sirloin.

And one of my dinners was a big plate of crawfish at Sam’s Boat in Austin with mushrooms, andouille sausage, corn, and potatoes.

Crawfish at Sam's Boat in Austin
Crawfish at Sam’s Boat in Austin

This coming week I am traveling to Florida, so I think I will need to make some stone crabs a priority.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 225

I am Shawn Collins and I am a Mess

Hi, my name is Shawn Collins, and I am starting a journey to fix myself. After a poor diet for too long, I am focusing on getting my act together.

I woke up today and got on the scale and it said 233. I can’t remember the last time I was that high, but after many beers, burgers, nachos, and all sorts of junk, I’m just too damn big for being six feet tall.

So, I will be working on eating better and exercising to lose weight and get healthy, as well as to just feel more comfortable. is a new site chronicling the journey of fat to fit with all of the setbacks and victories.

As you may imagine, is an affiliate site, and I will be experimenting with various ways to monetize it.

So, if you’re interested in hearing about working towards running 5k’s, diet, new sneakers, health trends, gadgets related to getting fit, and stuff like that, come along with me here.

Starting weight: 233