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I Got the Withings Activité Pop Watch

I just got the Withings Activité Pop – it’s an activity and sleep tracking watch, so I can keep an eye on my number of steps each day, as I aim to move 10,000 steps daily.

I already use the Withings scale and have the app on my phone, so I liked staying within the brand here.

The watch looks like a regular watch with an hour and minute hand, and then there is a second dial that shows the daily step progress.

I like the Withings Activité Pop watch so far for counting steps.

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I considered the Apple Watch, but I just want this for the exercise tracking, and don’t really have a need for texts and things coming through my watch. I tried that in the past with a Pebble Watch and didn’t like it.

In addition to the steps being tracked, the Activité Pop Watch tracks sleep, but it’s been inconsistent so far. It seemed to work the first night, but then said I was up for good at like 4am the second night, and that wasn’t the case.

There are three levels of the Activité watches, and the Pop is the lower of the three and the more sporty of them. The other two are more dressy – the Steel and the Sapphire.

So far, I am digging it.

Affiliate Summit East 2016 Donates $11,972 to Fight Breast Cancer

The Race to Affiliate Summit East 2016, an exercise challenge where Affiliate Summit committed to donating $1 to benefit AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer in support of Affiliate Marketers Give Back for each mile in the challenge, has completed.

Participants cycled, ran, swam, walked, and did other workouts to add up miles for the charity competition.

One last bunch of miles for the Race to Affiliate Summit to fight breast cancer. #ase16

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There were 32 folks involved in the challenge, and overall, there were 11,972 miles tallied by the participants, so the total donation was $11,972.

Thank you so much to everybody who participated and helped to make this charity donation from Affiliate Summit.

The participant with the most total miles at the end of the challenge, Justin Ball with 3,760 miles, will receive a VIP Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2017.

The 2nd to 5th place finishers will each receive a Networking Plus Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2017, and 6th to 10th place finishers will each receive a Networking Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2017.

Affiliate Summit West 2017 is taking place January 15-17, 2017 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

If you would like to participate in the next Affiliate Summit exercise challenge, be sure to keep an eye on the Affiliate Summit blog for an announcement in the next month.

Another Rugged Maniac and Some Busted Up Knees

I finished another Rugged Maniac last week with my friend Pat and daughter Caity.

It was a lot of fun again, and the elements made it more challenging than the last time I did it.

Many things were the same, but there was some rain, so the wood obstacles, like the see saws and balance beams, were very slippery.

There was fire this time, too, which I didn’t get to jump over last year. It was higher and wider than I expected, but I cleared it without any burnt leg hair.

My knees got pretty battered from all of the crawling through tunnels, caves, and mud pits.

Bruised, cut, swollen knees the day after #ruggedmaniac

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But I have that finisher shirt, so it’s all good.

I am Doing My Second Rugged Maniac This Weekend

This coming Saturday, I will be doing the Rugged Maniac 5k mud run for the second time.

There is a lot more to it than miles and mud. There are 25 obstacles along the 5k course, so it’s more a series of obstacles that you run from one to another.

The course includes fire jumps, water slides, trampolines, and underground tunnels. In other words, it’s sort of a fun version of the more rigorous challenges, like the Tough Mudder, which I did last year.

One similarity is that they both give you a beer at the end, and it’s a well earned beer.

I’ve got a paid of sneakers that are worn out with the bottom peeling off. I’ll be wearing those and tossing them after the race.

Just to be clear, the Rugged Maniac is not easy. It is easier than the longer races, but still lots of physical challenges that will have my old body aching on Sunday.

Still, I can’t wait for it.

I Forgot Where I Packed My Sneakers When I Moved

I moved to a new place in Austin this week, and when I started getting ready for the gym yesterday morning, I realized I couldn’t find my running shoes anywhere.

Lesson learned – know where you packed your sneakers when you move.

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I considered skipping the gym for the day, but I need it to be a regular habit, so I pulled on my Adidas Sambas and hit the bike.

Usually, I will walk on alternate days, after a run, but I think I will mix in more indoor and outdoor cycling, because I like it, and I’d love to challenge more muscles.

Today, I was back with my regular running shoes for a few miles, so all is restored in the world.

The Heat Index of the North East is Nasty for a Run

I woke up around six in the morning yesterday, and it was pouring rain. So, I had a quick, healthy breakfast of an Atkin’s bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper, as I waited for the weather to clear.

It would have been better to run into the rain, because as soon as it stopped, the heat blasted and the air was thick.

I felt like I was going to puke from running in this heat.

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The temperature was probably about 90 when I was out there, and so with a relative humidity of 70% (I don’t actually have any idea how to calculate that, so I’m just guessing), it felt like 105 degrees. This is based on the NOAA Heat Index chart.

Anyway, it reminded me of my high school soccer practices and two a days in the humid August sun. Sometimes, I’d puke from the running in those elements, and I felt like that today.

So, it’s going to be a necessity to get out earlier, or head to the gym for the treadmill. While I dislike being inside, the upside is going for a jump in the pool at the gym after.

Training for a 10k

I’ve been slowly increasing my distance as I do 2:1 intervals, where I go 2 minutes running alternated with 1 minute walking.

For the past several times, I went a little over five miles.

Soon, I will find a 10k to run for as much as I can, and eventually I’d like to work up to a half marathon.

Inching towards a 10k – intervals in the heat this morning for 5 miles.

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Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 220

There are Two Seasons in New Jersey: Cold and Hot

I just knocked out another four miles of 2:1 intervals, but it was super hot, and that made it tougher.

So, for anybody questioning climate change, I can tell you for sure that we’ve moved to a two season year, at least in New Jersey.

There is cold and hot.

A week ago, it was in the 30s in the morning, and now it’s in the 80s in the morning.

It went from cold to hot really quick, and there was no mild in between. I am hoping this doesn’t send me to the treadmills too soon in the summer.

There are two seasons in New Jersey – cold and hot

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Switching to Intervals to Build Running Distance

I have been running 5k at a time lately, which is six laps around the path of my local park (actually, each lap is a little more than a half mile, but it’s easier to think of it as a half mile).

It has not been getting any easier, which is frustrating, so I’ve decided to switch to 2:1 intervals, where I’ll alternate running two minutes and walking one.

So my latest run was stretched from three miles to four.

The breaks helped out a lot, but they sure did end too quick.

Knocked out 4+ miles doing some 2:1 intervals. I want to work up to 10k.

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Maybe It’s Crazy to Do a Tough Mudder

I was just cooling down from a run the other day and I had worn a shirt that says, “I Will”. It was a training shirt from the Tough Mudder last year.

As I passed a lady on the path, she said, “I Will, what?”

After a second, I realized she was talking about my shirt. As I described what it was about, she looked at me like I was crazy.

And when I think about that day, it does seem sort of crazy to volunteer for that unpleasantness, but it was sure a nice feeling to finish.

Starting weight: 233
Current weight: 222